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Section V. Common Areas K. Hunting, Trapping, Weapons:

#6) "No firearms or other weapons (neither concealed nor open carry) are allowed on any WLLA owned property (including, but not limited to the Association Office, the Boat Landing, the Clubhouse, Clubhouse Beach, West Shore Beach, etc...), with the exception of legal transport (unloaded and stowed in the cargo area of your vehicle) on WLLA roads."

Submitted to the board 6-18-22;  Vote of the board 7-16-22.  APPROVED (process is complete).



There are five types of Association IDs: (1) Individual Tags, (2) Vehicle Stickers, (3) Watercraft Stickers, and (4) Raft and Dock Stickers, and (5) Guest Tags which will be issued at the WLLA Office upon payment of assessments. Tags will not be distributed if a property is in violation of any applicable deed covenants.
1) Individual Tags are issued annually for each member of an assessment paid household, regularly residing in the home and listed by name with the office, up to a maximum of 8 per household.
2) Vehicle Stickers will be issued for each vehicle of a household in good standing. These are permanent IDs and are to be updated annually with a current “date sticker” which will be issued upon payment of assessments for each motorized vehicle.
3) Boat and Watercraft Stickers are permanent IDs to be updated annually with a current “date sticker”, which is issued upon payment of lake assessments.
4) Raft and Dock Stickers are issued to waterfront owners upon payment of lake assessments.
5) Guest Tags may be requested annually (Annual Guest Tags) and as needed (Temporary Guest Tags).  Annual Guest Tags (up to a maximum of 4) may be requested annually with the distribution of Individual Tags. In the unusual case where additional guest passes are needed by a member, Temporary Guest Tags may be obtained from the office during the normal hours of operation of our office, up to a maximum of 4 tags. Temporary Guest Tags are dated, with a maximum stay of 1 week.

Submitted to the BOD 7-16-2022.  Vote of the board on 8-20-2022.  APPROVED (process is complete).

Rules & Regulations Committee Reports

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