This is an official notification that as of March 29, 2020, the YIELD sign at intersection of Birch and Walker Lake Roads has been replaced by a STOP sign. All vehicles traveling on Birch towards Walker Lake Road must come to a complete stop at the sign before proceeding when all is clear and safe.

In accordance with the Rules and Regulations in the Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Redbook, all landowners (and tenants) are responsible for maintaining ditch lines and culverts adjacent to their property. This will be strictly enforced starting April 2020. (Click above for more info)

Feeding bears a big no-no

Everywhere in Pennsylvania it is illegal to intentionally feed bears or to place any food, chemicals, salt or other materials that cause bears to gather or habituate in an area.  In addition to protecting humans from bears expecting hand-outs from them or near their homes, the prohibition helps to protect bears from being eliminated as nuisance animals and from the spread of ailments such as mange, which is often fatal to the bears and can be spread to healthy bears that congregate in the same area as infected bears.

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