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In accordance with the Rules and Regulations in the Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association Redbook, all landowners (and tenants) are responsible for maintaining ditch lines and culverts adjacent to their property. This will be strictly enforced starting April 2020. (Click above for more info)

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Official Dog Regulations

Please be aware that we have had several incidents of loose dogs chasing other dogs and people.  Your dog must be under direct command or leashed at all times.  

WLLA has also had reports of dogs on the beaches.  Page 34 of the Rules and Regulations book #9 states "With the exception of animals trained and used by disabled persons, no pets of any kind are permitted on the beaches.  

If you see a loose dog, please do the right thing, if possible take a photo of the dog and report this to the Pike County Dog Warden.  The reporting form is on line at:

If a loose dog has attacked or bitten a person or dog, please call the PA State Police non-emergency number at 570-226-5718.  Also please let the WLLA office know of any incidents you have reported.

If you can catch a loose dog, the Humane Society on Lee Road will take the animal.

With so many people enjoying our wonderful community, due to COVID-19, there are more people and dogs out walking.  Please be respectful of all community rules and leash your dogs and keeping them off the beaches.  

Our Rules and Regulations handbook does not allow loose dogs, Page 39:

4.  PA Dog Law provides stiff fines for persons who allow their dogs to run free.  All dogs six months or older in PA must be licensed.

5.  It is the responsibility of the WL Landowner or pet owner to have the animal under control at all times.  PA law states:
     a.  "It is unlawful to allow your dog to run at large.  Owners are responsible for all damages caused by their dogs and may be fined by the Association such damages".
     b.  "ALL DOGS MUST BE UNDER CONTROL.  This means that when your dog is not on your property it must be under the DIRECT CONTROL of you or a handler.  The best way to control your dog is with a leash.  Remember, dogs are PERSONAL PROPERTY.  You are LIABLE for any DAMAGE caused by your dog."
    c.  WLLA interprets "under control" to mean "obedience-trained at heal" or on a leash.  CONTROL on one's property is defined as, fenced, leashed, or obedience-trained "under command".
    d.  Owners must remove the droppings, which occur when pets are being walked.  

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