Article VI

1. There shall be eleven (11) standing committees of the Association and such special temporary committees as the President deems necessary. All standing committees shall consist of a chairman and as minimum of two (w) members at least one of whom is a Director.

2. All committees shall submit reports at Board of Director Meetings.
3. All committee chairpersons shall prepare a statement of the committees financial needs for the upcoming year, subject to approval and submit it to the Finance Committee at the Board meeting in May.

Standing Committees:

A.   Finance:

Carol Gillen, Chair, John Carroll, Lena Fullem, Dan Murphy, Richard Pachler, John Schwenkler,


B.  Membership/Nominations/Elections:

John Weber, Chair, Michael DeVita, Janice DiMaio, Maryann Muschlitz, Barbara Silver, Kathleen Zimmermann


C.  Program/Youth:

Maryann Muschlitz, Chair, Lena Fullem, Clare Kent, Helene Peterson, David Vonderheide, John Weber, Kathy Weber


D.  Clubhouse:

John Weber, Chair, Fred Correa


E.  Lake:

Carol Reynolds, Chair, Bill Boehme, Ralph Cozzolino, Chet Dawson, Pat Dawson, Jacqueline Kaiser, Jerry Kuziw, Scott Rando, Wendy Wishnie-Orlansky, Ed Zimmermann


Dam (subcommittee of lake):

Ed Zimmermann, Chair, Bill Boehme, Carol Reynolds, John Rolando, John Weber


F.  Road:

Michael DeVita, Chair, Darlene Challacombe, Janice DiMaio, Bill McCarthy, John Weber, Ed Zimmermann


G. Planning:

Carol Gillen, Chair, Janice DiMaio, John Rolando, John Weber


H.  Legal:  in conjunction with Attorney John Stieh

Mario Aieta, Dan Murphy, Carol Reynold, John Weber


I.  Communication:

Carol Reynolds, Chair, Marisa Boehme, Michael DeVita, Teri Hansen, Bob Fisher, John Schwenkler,


J.  Rules and Regulations:

Maryann Muschlitz, Chair, Chet Dawson, Janice DiMaio, Carol Gillen, Lena Fullem, Carol Reynolds


K. Security:

Steve DiMaio, Chair, Bill Boehme, Roger Muschlitz


L.  Rental:

Janice DiMaio, Chair

M.  Beach and Grounds

Bill Boehme, Chair

Sandra Comte,  Thomas Crenny, Fred Correa, Ralph Cozzolino, Janice DiMaio, Steve DiMaio,, Victor LaBoy, Bill Mays, Maryann Muschlitz, Brian Reynolds 

Updated October 30, 2021

WLLA Committee List with Chairpersons and Members