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Online payment of annual dues

The WLLA board of directors is pleased to offer all homeowners the option of paying your annual dues via online payment.

WLLA has contracted with Paylease, Inc. as a third party vendor to process credit card or bank transfers of funds(ACH) payments. This option is being provided at the request of many homeowners. Paylease can be used to set up recurring payments.

It is important to note that this method of payment is OPTIONAL.  As always, homeowners can mail a check or money order to WLLA office or stop by the office during normal open hours and pay via check or money order in person.  Cash is not accepted.  Additionally, you can stop in the office to have them process your credit card payment for you. The fees below will be in effect.  

Effective November 30th the fees associated with using the Paylease service are as follows:

      ACH Payments (an electronic debit from your bank account): $3.17/transaction

      Debit Card: $6.40/transaction

      Credit Card: $3.17/transaction + 3.23% of the transaction amount, then rounded up to the next $0.95

      Phone Payment: $9.95/transaction

      NSF fee is $25 to PayLease

These fees are collected directly by Paylease.  WLLA does not benefit monetarily from use of this service.

Clicking the button below will take you directly to the Paylease site. You must register first and then you can use the service to pay your dues.

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